5 Ways FanFood Supports Social Distancing at Foodservice Areas

5 Ways FanFood Supports Social Distancing at Foodservice Areas We’re entering an exciting yet unnerving time. On the one hand, states are slowly opening up and events are hopefully returning soon (hooray!). On the other hand, we don’t know what consequences await when people start visiting venues and businesses again. The golden rule of thumb: support social distancing wherever you can and minimize physical interactions. Reassure your customers by proactively taking measures to ensure their safety and health. The question is: how to most effectively do that? During the months of lockdown, our team at FanFood has been actively researching, iterating and customizing our online and mobile platform for operators to offer contactless services when the timing is right. As shelter-in-place policy is getting lifted, we’ve noticed now is the best time for businesses to embrace contactless ordering as customers are starting to coming back. In fact, even during the lockdown period when drive-in theaters — aka the perfect social distancing activity — were allowed to operate, nearly 20% of all drive-ins in the U.S. were using FanFood to sell concessions through pre-ordering and contactless pickup. Many of them were still making 5-digit concession revenue every weekend despite COVID-19. In this week’s blog, we’re walking you through our platform features that you may or may not know to help your facility or business support social distancing after re-opening.

1. Touchless Menus.

Restaurants have been advised to use disposable menus post re-opening in order to minimize the spread of coronavirus. Now that just sounds inefficient and costly. Ever heard of touchless menus? Rather than printing out hundreds of copies of menus, why not stick a QR code to each table — or in front of your food stand — so that your customers only need to scan it with their phone and explore all that you have to offer? For one-time customers, they can scan the QR code and order on the FanFood web app. For repeat customers, they can choose to download the FanFood app for easy access. 5 Ways FanFood Supports Social Distancing at Foodservice Areas

2. Cashless Ordering.

If cash transaction was considered inefficient, now it’s also seen as “unhygienic” since it involves passing from hand to hand. The efficient and hygienic solution? Online and mobile ordering. That way customers pay in the app with credit card or mobile wallet without having to interact with a cashier.

5 Ways FanFood Supports Social Distancing at Foodservice AreasFanFood In-App Payment Screen

  This also removes the need for customers to speak with a cashier to place the order. They can customize their order and leave notes about special instructions all within the FanFood app.

3. Contactless Pickup.

However you want to get the order to your customer, our platform has a way for you to do that, including:
  • Contactless pickup
  • Curbside pickup (customers can enter car model and plate number)
  • Delivery to seat (for event venues)
  • Delivery to apartments
  • Designated on-property pickup points
This is where our Server (Runner) App comes in. Your staff can view order details and locate the customer easily in the Server App.

5 Ways FanFood Supports Social Distancing at Foodservice Areas

Delivery staff can see order details and staff information in the Server App. All tips and payment are automatically processed in-app.

Since the onset of COVID-19, FanFood users having been tipping 5-10 times more in-app than during normal times. Shout out to our amazing app users for their consistent support to local businesses. All tips are automatically processed in the app.

4. Display Sanitation Stations In-App. 5 Ways FanFood Supports Social Distancing at Foodservice AreasYou can choose to display on-property hand sanitizing stations, including bathrooms and sanitizer dispensers, in the FanFood app. This way your customers can quickly locate the nearest disinfectant locations for personal hygiene. At the same time, this gives your guests the peace of mind by showing that you care about their safety, and will always adopt a customer-centric approach.


5. In-App PSA.

5 Ways FanFood Supports Social Distancing at Foodservice Areas If you’re planning to implement new policies in response to COVID-19, FanFood App would be a great platform for you to reach your customers. You can display important messaging or public announcement on the welcome screen, so that it’s the first thing anyone who opens the app will see. The best part? You’re guaranteed to get the customers’ full attention on their mobile devices, unlike a banner or display ad that tends to be glanced over. If you want to see the full capabilities of the FanFood platform, you can request a risk-free demo session here: www.fanfoodapp.com/request-demo. Our team also offers free consultation sessions to discuss your COVID-19 readiness plan. You can get in touch here.