Empowering All Businesses With Easy Access To Contactless Technologies

Letter from FanFood CEO, Carson GoodaleEmpowering All Businesses With Easy Access To Contactless Technologies

Carson Goodale, FanFood Co-founder and CEO

  As re-openings continue and businesses strive to sustain themselves looking ahead to 2021, contactless ordering and payment technology remains essential. FanFood is committed to creating real impact across industries that rely on food service and retail revenues to survive, regardless of their operation size. Since 2014, FanFood has enabled tens of thousands of customers to order and pay for food, beverages, and retail items in what was always a contactless manner from the start. We believe that life’s most memorable experiences are created at group outings, so to say we miss the live event atmosphere would be an understatement. Never to be deterred, FanFood has already helped so many operations reopen their doors, order windows and outdoor seating areas to both customers and staff in a safe, efficient manner. In late summer, several of our high school sports partners included FanFood as part of their reopening plans presented to their school districts. Because of these efforts and the trust these organizations have in FanFood, so many concession stands this season are currently serving their fans at athletic events with contactless ordering for pickup and/or delivery. At some locations currently, FanFood has become the exclusive way for customers to order food and drinks: at arenas, concerts, and drive-in theaters. Whether you’re dining out at a neighborhood restaurant, getting a jumpstart on holiday shopping at the mall, or enjoying a football game under Friday night lights, these experiences all have their own purchasing and fulfillment methods. Our goal is to help revitalize them, and empower businesses to overcome the unique challenges they face. Providing a solution as powerful and adaptable as FanFood could only be achieved by understanding our partners, the distinct challenges they’ve faced, and what their customers have said about the experience. This company-wide mindset has ensured we’re always maintaining a customer-focused approach to our product design, providing relevant and free resources for business owners wanting to learn more about digital ordering, and consistently delivering on our promises through dedicated customer support and success. FanFood’s no-cost, easy-to-use platform ensures that businesses can reopen safely with access to our touch-free technologies and instant omni-channel ordering. FanFood makes getting started quick and easy; businesses can use their own hardware, and the platform integrates seamlessly with over 25+ point-of-sale systems. Organizations can capture data-driven insights to create impactful optimizations and lasting guest experiences. At the end of the day, we are dedicated to seeing through to our customers’ successes.   Today, FanFood’s commitment to our original mission remains unwavering: to deliver best-in-class software that is frictionless and easy-to-use. Our robust platform includes over 100+ unique features and functionality and is capable of powering any contactless service or use case available on the market. Some of our most popular integrations, existing and upcoming, include:
  • Online, mobile and app-based ordering
  • Third-party delivery service integration
  • Third-party e-ticketing and merchandise services for events
  • Third-party parking services for shopping centers
FanFood is currently helping guests return safely to their favorite sporting events, concerts, restaurants, shopping centers, and even vacation destinations. We’ve found that smaller operations are able to achieve just as much success with contactless ordering as our larger partners, because there’s no barrier for any business to get started with contactless ordering through FanFood. Pre-COVID, we’ve helped such an array of locations streamline their operations and maximize revenues. Now, safety is paramount as well.   The FanFood team remains motivated to serving our customers at work, on the go, and remotely. COVID-19 has only reaffirmed FanFood’s core values and purpose of existence, to provide enterprises with the tools they need to navigate through COVID-19. FanFood offers free webinars, educational product demonstrations, best practices, and other comprehensive resources that can be found here on our website. Our team is always ready and happy to chat with any operation about adopting contactless ordering. You can request a time to talk with us here.     Sincerely, Carson Goodale   Empowering All Businesses With Easy Access To Contactless Technologies