Customization has been the focus of our feature launches this month. Each location we work with has unique needs: from menu options and customer acquisition tactics, to brand colors and operational models. Powering location-tailored experiences for F&B teams and customers remains our emphasis as venues look ahead to an exciting May.

FanFood’s latest customization features make it easier to cater towards your guests’ expectations and provide an on-brand mobile ordering experience. Specifically, these new capabilities allow you to:

  • Use your own brand colors for the mobile storefront’s appearance
  • Deeper embed your mobile storefront into any existing web app
  • Simplify menu displays by removing product photos

We have also improved how orders are fulfilled in the FanFood Manager Portal with new button labels. Read on for the details!

1. Customize your venue’s color scheme

Sport your team or venue’s pride! Apply any single color throughout the entire user journey instantly via your brand’s hex color code. In short, these pages consist of your:

  • Store select page
  • Menu page
  • Item page
  • Checkout page
  • Order tracking page

Customize button colors on FanFoodThree possible colors you can apply throughout your FanFood storefront.

2. Contain your mobile ordering storefront in a custom URL

For locations with an existing app (i.e., a fan app or a venue app), embedding a FanFood storefront is an effective customer acquisition tactic. This adds mobile ordering to your existing all-in-one application, making mobile ordering a tap away from checking scores or scheduling a tee time.

As of this month, FanFood partners can now “lock-in” an embedded FanFood URL in their app. This means that customers can’t navigate away from the web view by entering another URL in the address field in their browser. This helps with keeping the customer within your app to complete the transaction.

An example of this URL, the embedded appearance in blue, is posted below: “<location-name>”

Embed FanFood URL link into team or venue app

Please note that at this time, custom URLs can only be configured by your dedicated FanFood success manager. We’re happy to help!

3. Improvements for receiving and fulfilling orders

We’ve refreshed the buttons in the Manager Portal! Particularly for locations with kitchen staff that rotate in-and-out, these steps make it easy to get the hang of mobile order fulfillment for both pickup and delivery.

(Don’t worry, the buttons all perform the same basic function — we’ve just made them clearer!)

FanFood Manager Portal now has clearer button language

4. Imageless items that take up less space

Over the past month, we’ve recognized just how creative some of our partners can be with their menus. As opening days draw nearer, it may not be the top priority to get photos of every item on your menu. While we have an expansive library of product images, some items simply couldn’t suffice with a standard image.

Now, you can clean up any individual item(s), category, or entire storefront’s appearance with imageless items!

Compact venue view with no photos on FanFoodImageless items take up less vertical space, enabling more menu items to be shown at once. If you have an expansive list of speciality foods or bottled beverages, these condensed listings can convey a greater sense of elegance, too (like for a stadium suite level).

From safety to convenience, your guests’ expectations will be higher than ever this season. Now is the perfect time to get in touch with our team so your venue is ready to meet the crowds this summer!