FanFood Demo Day: Recap and Q&A

While there are multiple online and mobile ordering platforms on the market, it can be difficult trying to understand the differences of each one and identify the right option for your operation.   There’s no better way to make this decision than to see for yourself how the platform works for your use case, and assess if it meets the needs of your entire team.
  FanFood Demo Day: Recap and Q&A Precisely for that reason, we hosted a live Demo Day to help you make the best decision for your business or venue. Hosted by Laura, our Head of Customer Success and Jeff, our National Account Executive, Demo Day covered topics such as:
  • How foodservice has changed during COVID-19 and what that means for your operation
  • A live walk-through of how to place an order and fulfill an order on FanFood
  • Popular feature highlights and integration capabilities
  • FanFood partner case studies
  • How to get started on FanFood (hint: as easy as it can be!)
  • Live Q&A session
How much does FanFood cost? Short answer, $0. Yes, we’re serious. To support businesses re-opening, we’re waiving $500 setup fee and monthly licensing fees if you get started this month. The only fee we charge is a small convenience fee passed onto the app user. That means the platform is entirely free for businesses to use!   If you’d like to see a full recording of Demo Day, please visit the page here. Alternatively you can watch a short video of just the live demo here   Want to book a quick chat with our specialist? Grab a time on our calendar!  

Watch a Quick Demo on How to Use FanFood

  Watch this short demo that Jeff, our National Account Executive, gave during Demo Day 👇 FanFood Demo Day: Recap and Q&A  

FanFood Popular Feature Highlights

  1. POS and Printer Integration   FanFood Demo Day: Recap and Q&A   Integrate FanFood into your existing workflow with minimal effort! We handle all the integration so you can have a centralized view of all orders coming in!   2. In-app Tipping   FanFood Demo Day: Recap and Q&A   3. Robust Data Reporting   FanFood Demo Day: Recap and Q&A Understand your sales data for better inventory management and customer retention.

Q&A Session

  Q: Is there an inventory platform to help with ordering? Yes! Our POS integrations allow for real-time inventory changes from FanFood orders to reflect in your existing POS system. For a complete list of POS systems we integrate with, check out slide #12 on the presentation! A tracking view for inventory within the FanFood Manager Portal will be arriving soon. Q: Can I integrate FanFood with Oracle POS? Yes, FanFood can integrate with some models of MICROS, Oracle’s POS system. FanFood currently supports integration with the MICROS 3700 POS. Support for other models is on the way!   Q: Do you provide marketing materials to get the information to our guests? Your FanFood contract grants you access to our full digital assets library for social media and email. Additionally, we have print materials including banners and business card-sized flyers equipped with QR codes You can also send push notifications to customers in the vicinity of your location who have downloaded the FanFood app.   Q: What does FanFood cost? If you get started this month, there is no upfront cost for FanFood, even if they don’t have any events or limited capacity. Simply put, the cost of FanFood is covered in the form of a 12.5% convenience fee that is charged per order to your customer (we don’t cut into margins!). We also have a SaaS + transactional model for larger locations (for instance, if you have 10+ concession stands or multiple venues). Get in touch with our team to find out more! Q: Is there an annual fee to use FanFood? Nope! Our commission-free model means that to operate FanFood, this cost is covered entirely by your customers in the form of a 12.5% convenience fee on every order. Q: For smaller high schools with lower sales volume, what would an average sales volume range be to make this financially feasible to cover any required fees from FanFood? We love this question! For August only, we are waiving the one-time $500 setup fee. From there, the cost of using the platform is covered by your customers in the form of a 12.5% convenience fee added to each order. We do not cut into your margins, so in short there is no minimum order amount required to make your money back. Q: Do you capture user information that could be used to re-target for future events? FanFood captures a user’s name and their phone number associated with each order. This ensures as little friction as possible in the ordering process. For marketing and promotional purposes, you can create push notifications that target consumers in the vicinity of a single location.   Q: Is there a way to prevent fans that are not ticketed to a specific area (like a suites area) from ordering from a specific concession stand? Yes, this is possible. FanFood sports partners like the University of Tennessee and Lake Erie Crushers offer delivery to only certain premium seating areas, suites, and patio tables only. The FanFood app is fully-customizable in which fields you’d grant a user to select (such as section, row, seat number, suite number, or table number).   Q: Can we use FanFood for in-person orders as well? Or would we have to fulfill those orders in the typical manner? While walk-up ordering with FanFood is possible for pickup, we advise that orders are best placed away from the concession stand. This cuts down on congestion around the concession area. But of course, anyone can place an order on your digital storefront anywhere they are — as long as they have a mobile device with them. Some of our drive-in movie theater partners have found success selling their concessions exclusively through the FanFood app, eliminating the need to wait in line and providing greater convenience for customers. Q: Are we able to refund pre-orders if our event gets cancelled? Yes. At any stage in the ordering process, even once an order has been completed, a Manager Portal user with a Venue Manager-level account can issue refunds, whether for pre-orders or during an event.

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