FanFood for Premium Suites: Easiest Way to Order Meals for Suite Holders and Guests

In the past 20 years, 75 percent of American sports teams have either built or remodeled their venues. A major reason for that? The addition of premium suites.


Whether it’s the NBA, NHL or MLB, suites can account for 5%-20% of total team revenue, and a given suite can cost anywhere between $224,000 to over $900,000 per year.


Needless to say, suite holders and guests are the most valuable customer segment for a professional sports venue. Take San Francisco 49ers as an example: even before finishing the construction of their new luxury suites, the team already made $138 million from the pre-selling.


FanFood wants to equip venues and teams with a new tool to offer the ultimate suite experience for the VIP guests, and add more up-selling opportunities when it comes to meal and merchandise sales.


Presenting to you — the brand new Premium Suite Solution.

FanFood for Premium Suites: Easiest Way to Order Meals for Suite Holders and Guests   

FanFood’s Premium Suite Ordering will make pre-ordering and in-suite ordering of meals and services more efficient and less manual, both before and during the game or event.


The solution consists of two parts: pre-ordering of meals and merchandise before the game or event, and in-suite kiosk ordering when guests are in the suites.



For pre-ordering, FanFood developed a seamless online self-service checkout experience, where guests can view all the available meal package and merchandise options, add them to the cart, and securely pay online with credit card, PayPal or mobile wallet. This new process enables venues to upgrade from the current manual process of phone calls and email correspondence, thus improving efficiency and reducing labor requirement.



For in-suite ordering, each suite will receive a self-service kiosk, which is fully integrated with FanFood’s F&B management backend. Guests in the suite will have the option to call a server on the kiosk, or directly order more food, drinks and merchandise in a self-service checkout flow. This greatly reduces the labor needed to manage all the suites, increases F&B and merchandise sales, and enhances the in-suite guest experience.


“Our premium suite ordering platform is solving a problem that’s rarely been presented a solution before,” said Jeremy Niecikowski, Chief Technology Officer of FanFood. “By offering a frictionless self-service user flow like this, we are able to help venues cut labor cost, improve operational efficiency and increase sales.”


Venues ranging from colleges, minor league ballparks and pro stadiums have already been expressing interest in FanFood’s premium suite offering. Several venues have already signed contracts to trial the premium suite ordering platform this upcoming 2020 baseball season.


Ordering of the premium suite platform has already started. Interested venues can learn more or request a demo by filling out the following form:


We will be randomly picking 20 submissions to grant an exclusive free trial of meal & merchandise pre-ordering.

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