FanFood Manager Portal: The Control Center for Your Entire Operation

FanFood Manager Portal: The Control Center for Your Entire Operation   Learning to operate a new system can sound daunting. The last thing we want is adding extra stress to your already fast-paced foodservice operations.   Our partners consist of F&B teams of all types and sizes: from concession stands and food trucks, to restaurants and more. That’s why our team really focused on cracking the code of designing a fully customizable yet turn-key solution fo all kinds of use cases.    In this week’s blog, we zoom in onto the Manager Portal, the single one dashboard that foodservice teams need to customize their online storefront, receive and fulfill orders, and access sales data insights.   You can skip the blog and watch a tutorial video here, or request a free demo by filling out this form.  

1. Assign permissions to different roles.

  Different foodservice teams will have different structures and roles. For example, a concession stand might have seasonal volunteer staff who come and go; an independent food truck might have one person being both the chef and cashier; a hotel might have one F&B Director overseeing multiple restaurants that operate relatively independently.   Not everyone needs the same level of access for security and efficiency purposes, and you can easily assign roles and permissions in the FanFood Manager Portal.  FanFood Manager Portal: The Control Center for Your Entire Operation When creating a user for your location, you can assign different roles to the user. A Concession Prep, for example, wouldn’t be able to edit your storefront setting. And a Venue Manager, at the end of the day, will have exclusive access to all customer purchase data.  

2. Edit your storefront — even in real time.

  Got a special promotion? Running low on stock? Have a new category on the menu?   It can be hard to reflect those changes ASAP on a print-out menu. But with your FanFood storefront, you can update the information with a few quick edits:  

3. Get pre-orders.

  FanFood allows you to accept orders up to days before an event or whenever you decide to fulfill the orders. With this “order-ahead” function, you can better predict inventory, prepare orders beforehand, and fulfill them at a scheduled time via express pickup or delivery.   To do that, you can set up an “event” in the FanFood Manager Portal, where you stipulate the duration of the service and cutoff time for pre-orders:  

Quick video on how to create an event in the Manager Portal.

  Many FanFood partners have taken advantage of this feature and be able to break even or reach profitability from pre-orders alone. It also leads to faster service, better inventory management and higher customer satisfaction overall. FanFood Manager Portal: The Control Center for Your Entire Operation


4. Reach your customers through push notifications.

  “Let’s say Friday night people are just hanging out on their couch, at this point I send them a push notification on FanFood saying ‘We have a new movie tonight! Come check it out and pre-order some popcorn!’ And people would get out of the house and come to our drive-in,” said Joey G., owner of Skyline Drive-in Theater.   You can customize the radius for your push notifications and drive more sales when using them strategically. Be it announcing new menu items, reducing prices towards the end of the day or reminding people to use promo codes (first $2,000 sponsored by FanFood!), push notifications can work magic in driving up your basket size and getting repeat users.  

5. Customize promo codes for to drive sales.

  When you sign up for FanFood, you get up to $2,000 in promo code credit sponsored by us! From the Manager Portal, you can set up those promo codes and remind people to use them. You can either set a fixed dollar amount off their first order, or a percentage discount on their order.   Promo codes have proven effective to encourage people start placing their first orders, or place larger orders in order to qualify for the discount. Watch this quick video to learn how to set up promo codes on the Manager Portal.   
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