FanFood Launches #OpenThru2020 Thanksgiving Campaign to Benefit Food Service Operators

Chicago, IL. Nov 8, 2020 — In an effort to help foodservice outlets and operations sustain through the holiday season, Chicago-based contactless ordering technology company, FanFood, is sponsoring promo codes for foodservice operations to drive up order volume.

COVID-19 has caused major setbacks to many foodservice businesses. As a results, businesses are prompted to adapt major changes to their operations in order to provide a safe customer experience, as well as offset revenue loss during times of low traffic. A key technological adoption has been on-premise and off-premise contactless ordering. During the pandemic, FanFood has helped over 250 locations and institutions successfully implement contactless ordering to support social distancing. The company’s new initiative comes as Thanksgiving season approaches, in order to help foodservice operations of all types and sizes keep their doors open. Any new partner who signs up on the platform will receive $2,000 complimentary promo code credits that they can issue to customers in order to incentivize orders.

This offer applies to all types of foodservice operations, including concession stands at stadiums, arenas and theaters; restaurants, bars and food trucks; on-premise F&B outlets at hotels, resorts and malls, and more. FanFood partners that started using the platform have been able to re-open despite the pandemic, and provide a safer alternative to in-person order taking and transactions.

Customers can scan a QR code to order and pay directly on their phone, while operators can streamline order management all within the Manager Portal, which is extremely easy to use and accessible on any portable device. The system also comes with a Delivery App that businesses can use to offer express pickup, curbside pickup, delivery to car or seat, room service, table service, or delivery to home by using their own delivery staff.

“Our partners have told us that there’s no better time to adopt contactless ordering than now,” said Carson Goodale, CEO and co-founder of FanFood. “For those that have restored operations during COVID-19, FanFood allows them to meet customers’ contactless expectations. For those that are still waiting to re-open, they can adopt contactless ordering and order management into their operational model now,  and be fully prepared when customers return.”

In 2020, contactless payment surpassed both cash and credit card payments combined (, taking up 41.8% of all transactions. Similar trends are observed on the FanFood platform as well. Despite lower traffic and hightened caution among customers, orders placed on FanFood have increased in terms of average order value, and repeat customer rate has also increased over time.

Interested businesses and venues can get in touch at to inquire about the initiative and get started.