Offering mobile ordering at your venue is a great initiative to deliver on what your customers now expect. Plus, improving your operation’s efficiency and adding convenience to the ordering process can increase your revenue.

A strong marketing presence can ensure customers at your location are aware of your mobile ordering service, but how can you influence customers to take action? What motivates them to actually scan that QR code and pull up your FanFood storefront with the intention to order?

Enter promo codes — a valuable part of any on-premise mobile ordering promotional push. Pairing a more convenient way to order food and drinks with a special discount offer is a great way to attract new customers and build affinity with your guests. Promo codes unlock greater potential revenue gains and higher levels of customer satisfaction. This will be especially self-evident in the long term, thanks to the flexibility and sophistication of mobile ordering.

So, how can you make it all come together with FanFood promo codes and what are the specific benefits? Read on!

Types of FanFood Promo Codes

On FanFood, there are two simple types of promo codes: automatic promo codes, and manual promo codes. Understanding their differences can help you make strategic decisions when it comes to your own foodservice operation.

Automatic Codes

As their name suggests, automatic codes apply without requiring customers to type in anything at the checkout screen. These codes can be configured as either 1) a set dollar amount off an order, like $2 off, or 2) a percentage off an order, like 10% off.

Automatic codes can be accompanied by order minimums, meaning the code is only applied when customers spend a predetermined amount in a single order (for example, where $2 discounts are only applied to orders of $10 or more). With automatic promo codes, these apply to both a customer’s first order along with any repeat orders the guest places, so long as any minimum order spend conditions are met.

Promo Codes
Automatic codes can also be configured with maximum orders per user. This indicates the number of orders that a single user is eligible to receive a promotional discount. For example, if this field is set to “1,” a customer will not receive that specific discount if they order a second time, and so on. Their order will be priced regularly. Automatic promo codes are a great way to incentivize first orders so that customers realize the process’s ease and convenience, and come back to place repeat orders.

Manual Codes

Manual codes refer to short, custom codes that a customer must type into their phone at checkout. Examples of manual codes are “2OFF,” “LIONS,” or “SHARKY” — the possibilities are endless, so long as the actual codes are kept short and memorable.

How to configure manual promo code on FanFood

Just like automatic codes, manual codes can also be configured for either a set dollar amount or a percentage off a total order. Manual codes may be set up to have a maximum number of uses per customer, too.

User-specific Codes

User-specific codes are a third type of promo code. They refer to promo codes that only apply for predefined lists of users, via their phone number or email. User-specific promo codes can be generated through either automatic or manual promo codes, and only apply to users whose phone numbers match a custom-defined list.

Be it for VIP guests like your season ticket holders or for a staff discount this season, user-specific promo codes are simple ways to spread delight and add value to your highest-value customers and employees. Our team can upload any list of your customers or team members to the Manager Portal. When these individuals place their FanFood order, they will be the only ones eligible for the special discount.

Benefits of Offering Promo Codes

Promo codes are essential in crafting a plan for your on-premise mobile ordering rollout, and promotional discounts are an advantage not to be overlooked by any operation. By offering promo codes for mobile orders, not only do you have a platform to drive higher sales — you’re actively incentivizing customers to place their first order, realize FanFood’s convenience, and spend more on future orders (often in the same day!).

Incentivizing Your First Orders

We cannot stress this enough: generating first orders among your customer base is crucial to unlocking the fullest potential of your FanFood service (such as +32% higher AOVs and 2x repeat customer rates, to name two benefits that we’ve seen on average across the platform). Luckily, promo codes are the perfect tool to start generating real momentum.DC Breeze fan quote on TwitterTeams like the DC Breeze are utilizing FanFood’s automatic promo codes this season to incentivize higher order spend and repeat concessions pickup orders. Fans who spend $10 or more on concessions receive a $2 discount on each FanFood order, applied automatically before checkout. (The average item on the Breeze’s menu costs $3.80)

Before checkout, fans can clearly see that the $2.00 discount has automatically been applied to their first FanFood order.

Automated discounts are great ways for teams with less-frequent home games to drive more sales when they only have a matter of hours. The DC Breeze play in front of their home crowd only three times a month, so their higher order value discount has served the team well in maximizing game day concessions revenue.

Treating Your Most Valuable Customers

For season ticket holders, season pass holders, contest winners and other VIPs, promo codes are a great value-add to any premium ticket package your location offers. Earlier, we explained user-specific promo codes — discounts to which you can add a list of users, identified by phone number and email, and only grant them access to the discount.

Many of our amusement park partners, like Ocean Breeze Waterpark in Virginia and Storybook Land in New Jersey, offer season ticket holders exclusive discount codes for their FanFood orders. The codes can only be applied by their season ticket holder customers as identified by email and phone number. Promo codes serve as one of many perks for these high-value customers, and are reliable at driving higher daily revenues.

Promo Codes as Perks for Your Staff

Break time is the right time! Offering employee discounts through promo codes is an excellent way to heighten morale among your location’s employees and keep them motivated. On-site staff can access your full menu, order and pay right from their device, and enter a designated employee discount code to save on their lunch meal.

How to Set Up FanFood Promo Codes

Setting up FanFood promo codes is super easy, and takes less than a minute! Here’s how you can do it:

1. In the Manager Portal, navigate to “Marketing” “Promo Code” “+ Add Promo”

2. Set up the code however you like! Choose a name for the code (if a manual code, this will be what customers type in to apply), a desired start & end date, the type of code, the discount amount or percent, the minimum order amount, and the applicable FanFood store(s).

Toggle the promo code to “Active,” and you’re all set — it’s as simple as that! Customers will now see the discount in the app, or can type in the code if its manual.

You may also choose if you wish to exclude alcohol items from the promo code. If a customer places a large order, the discount will not be taken from the alcohol items. If a customer orders only alcohol items, then the discount will not be accepted at all when this option is enabled.

Promo codes are proven effective at driving more customers to place their first mobile order. Once they experience your location’s FanFood pickup or delivery service for the first time, they’ll be inclined to come back again and again:)

To see more capabilities on FanFood, watch this quick video or even better, reach out to our team below for a full demo!