Introducing FanFood Web App

Don’t want to download an app? We get it.

  We all know that frustration: You need to use an app — but after scrolling through 5 home screens and opening 6 folders, you can’t for the life of you recall where you dropped that app in the “app ocean” that’s come to inundate your phone.   FanFood is all about providing the most frictionless mobile ordering experience for fans, event attendees and guests. And that starts with finding the FanFood ordering platform effortlessly. For that mission, we are happy to introduce our latest web app, which has all the functions of our regular downloadable app, but opens in a browser.   That means, the next time you need to order something on FanFood at a game or event, simply go to in your browser — and voila! Order away.   (This also means that you can no longer use the excuse “I don’t want to download another app” to not use FanFood. Ha!)   Before you read on about all the awesome features of our web app, I need to emphasize that the experience is still better within FanFood’s downloadable app, especially if you use FanFood fairly regularly. That way we can keep all your preferences and give you special loyalty perks down the road!   Now, time to highlight some features of our web app (also present in our downloadable app):   Introducing FanFood Web App      

No Need to Create a Profile


When you really, really want a beer or hotdog at the spur of the moment, any step between opening the app and getting that food in your hands is another hindrance to overcome (yes, we’ve been there).   With the web app, you can check out as a guest without having to create a profile. Receiving your food and drinks within minutes is not a myth.  

Mobile Wallet Payments


Don’t feel like pulling up your credit card and type out the card number? Use Apple Pay and Google Wallet at checkout. Just a double-click and you’re done!  

Easy Exploration of Menus

  Just like our downloadable app, you can still easily browse all the menu options at the game/event — or even before that! Our technology allows guests to see everything that the venue has to offer even when the food stands are closed — because it’s never too early to start thinking about food!😋

What does this mean to venues and concession operators?

  If you’re a current FanFood venue partner, or are considering becoming one, FanFood’s web app makes it effortless for you to test how your fans and guests would receive mobile ordering. Simply add an announcement on your website, social media profile or app directing people to and start receiving orders!   And of course, an easier mobile ordering experience means more fans placing orders and therefore, more F&B revenue for you. New call-to-action