Line-Busting Just Got Even Better: Introducing FanFood 2.0

We’ve been counting down towards this day for…let’s just say quite a while.   Today is the big day. And everyone here at FanFood can’t wait for you to go to the App Store, update the new FanFood app, and see for yourself (Especially our product development team — they’ve worked tirelessly for months for this day).  
Line-Busting Just Got Even Better: Introducing FanFood 2.0
New FanFood app’s App Store screenshots preview.
*Note: If you already have the app installed, you have to update it in order to continue using the app. Do it now. Yes, now.   For our venue partners, there’s great news as well. Alongside our new consumer app updates, the venue dashboard will also acquire a slightly different look and more complete functionalities. This is thanks to the feedback we’ve been hearing from our partners over the years — your input means a lot to us and we’ve made it a point to incorporate as much of the feedback as possible.   We remain the same FanFood. Yes, our products may look different now, but they’re only getting better. Our team may have become bigger, but we’re only working harder. We’ve been growing fast over the past few months, but we are only getting more motivated and dedicated to what we’re striving for — delivering the ultimate fan experience with mobile ordering.   Below we will give you a sneak peak into the new look of the FanFood app, as well as other product developments you can look forward to (Yes, our products will be ever-evolving as we constantly work to become better).  

If you’re a venue interested in FanFood, you can request some time to talk with our team of Fan Experience Specialists and see how FanFood could work at your venue!




Built by fans, for fans. Line-Busting Just Got Even Better: Introducing FanFood 2.0   You can do so much more than just ordering a hotdog on the FanFood app. You can explore all menu options without having to walk around (in fact, in the new app you can even explore menus at venues that don’t have a game going on at the moment. How cool is that!); you can enjoy discounts with promo codes; you can track your order status; and you can even share a meal with someone in need whenever you place an order! Mostly importantly, you can skip the long concession lines and get your food in no time. That’s right, no more strategizing your concession runs and bathroom breaks for fear of missing the big play.
Line-Busting Just Got Even Better: Introducing FanFood 2.0
The first screen you see when the app is loading. (Left: old app. Right: new app)
In the new app, checking in at a venue will be much easier. While in the old app you can browse venues around you by proximity, in the new app you will be able to search for and instantly find the venue you’re at.
Line-Busting Just Got Even Better: Introducing FanFood 2.0
Search for your venue, old app (left) vs. new app (right).
Ok now you’ve checked in on the app. The next step is finding the concession stand you want to order from. Ever struggled with finding the right concession stand? Our new app solves just that. Not only will you see the name of the concession stand and a quick overview of what it offers, but also you’ll see a picture of what it looks like. That just made your life much easier right?
Line-Busting Just Got Even Better: Introducing FanFood 2.0
Choosing your concession stand — old app (left) vs. new app (right).
Here comes the most important part 😋 — browsing menus and placing orders. First of all, the menus will look much more appealing in the new app, as our in-house design team has meticulously touched up every single food image to make it pleasing to the eye. You will also be able to see whether the stand offers express pickup or in-seat delivery, and toggle between the two choices if both services are offered. Have you noticed the words “Currently Closed” under the concession stand name? Well, now you have the ability to look at the complete menu even if the stand is closed! You still won’t be able to place any orders but hey, it’s never too early to start planning for the next game! Line-Busting Just Got Even Better: Introducing FanFood 2.0   After putting some yummy treats in your bag, now we’re at the “My Bag” screen. You will still be able to adjust the quantities at this stage and add a promo code. All FanFood users will get at least $2 off their first order. Check with your venue to see what the promo code is for you.
Line-Busting Just Got Even Better: Introducing FanFood 2.0
Your cart will look slightly different in the new app (right) vs. in the old app (left).
The final step between you and your food is, as always, payment. The new app will remember your card payment info, and also give you the option to use Apple Pay.
Line-Busting Just Got Even Better: Introducing FanFood 2.0
The new app (right) also has Apple Pay function for an even faster checkout.
In the new app, once you’ve placed your order, you will be able to track your order status in real time and view full order details. Also, you can chat with your concession stand by tapping on the live chat icon. If your concessions staff is unable to provide the assistance you need, you can also contact the FanFood support team and we will be more than happy to help you. Line-Busting Just Got Even Better: Introducing FanFood 2.0  



  This is still just the beginning in terms of product development, since it’s a process that never ends. As you’re reading this blog or playing around with our new app, our development team has already started building out functions that will be gradually added to both the app and the Stand Manager over the next few months, and even over the next few years. For example, we will soon be able to release the pre-ordering capability so that you can place an order ahead of time even when a concession stand is closed. Also, you will be able to place group orders — meaning a group of people, such as a family, will be able to place their separate orders but charge them on the same credit card.   And as always, we would love to hear from you, because helping to create the best gameday experience is what we are ultimately after. You can always hit us up across our social media platforms, or live chat with us on the website.   Or, if you represent a venue interested in FanFood, schedule some time to talk with our team of Fan Experience Enthusiasts to see how you can bring FanFood to your venue!