From professional sports venues to pop-up drive-ins, we’ve seen venues of significantly different sizes adopt mobile ordering and improve their sales numbers. We believe that the convenience of mobile ordering should be attainable for any location type, specifically through the platform’s customizability and ease-of-use.

Partial capacities are going to be common at venues this year: ballparks, resorts, amphitheaters, sports complexes, waterparks; you name it. In the months ahead, F&B teams need to meet the expectations of a safe and convenient foodservice experience, and we’ve improved our products to support that.

Specifically, we have recently deployed the following exciting new features:

  1. Recommend toppings for your items
  2. Allow multiple add-ons in combos
  3. Better control for influx of orders
  4. Store-specific ACH disbursement
  5. Enable open tabs for suites

With these capabilities, you can now 1) further simplify your location’s mobile checkout flow, 2) present unique item bundles to your customers, and 3) grow your foodservice revenue and increase guest satisfaction.

Current FanFood partners can see these feature updates by simply logging into your Manager Portal.

1. Set auto-selected toppings for any customizable item

Order precision is crucial in meeting guest satisfaction, and FanFood’s options functionality enables staff to consistently exceed customer expectations. With new auto-selected options, you can now suggest options (like toppings) for any individual item by toggling “Auto Select” in the Manager Portal:

fanfood combo customization auto select toppingsWhat options make a full burger? What if a customer wants everything but cheese on it? These are common considerations that your customers can now indicate with ease in your mobile storefront.

2. Accept multiple add-ons for combo meal items

Higher average order value is a well-documented benefit of mobile ordering, and we’ve built another new option configuration to help you maximize basket size. Whether you’re offering family-sized combo meals or want to suggest a drink to go with a hot dog, accepting multiple quantities of an option increases customer spend and moves your inventory faster.

Bundle multiple items like drinks, chips or candy with entrees to form higher-priced meal packages:

Accept multiple add-ons for combo meal itemsSuggest drinks or candy to go along with your top-selling individual items:

suggest drink or add-on in fanfoodIf there is one aspect of mobile ordering that we cannot emphasize enough, it’s that customers spend more when they can easily add more items with one tap. It’s instant gratification, and that is only one of the several benefits of mobile ordering compared to walkup.

3. Manage pre-order influx easier with time interval settings

By setting up “events” in the Manager Portal, you have more control for when your location accepts orders. Whether it’s to control pickup window traffic or ensure your kitchen staff can handle the order volume at any point, consider these new event settings to provide a manageable order inflow and achieve faster fulfillment times:

  • Order Ahead Cut-Off Type: Per Time Interval allows your customers to place orders for specific time frames throughout the event.
  • Select Order Ahead Interval: Automatically generate intervals throughout the event for times from 5-60 minutes. For instance, if you set 15 minute intervals, guests can place an order for 2:00-2:15, 2:15-2:30, or 2:30-2:45

set order cutoff time intervals on FanFood

4. Provide your vendors with automated ACH routing

If food trucks or local restaurant pop-ups are part of your location’s F&B options, your FanFood service can now take care of them, too! Store-specific ACH routing can now be configured in the FanFood Manager Portal. This allows all of your vendors to be listed under your location in the app while enabling their payments to route straight to their own bank account:

Store specific ACH routing

5. Enable open tabs for groups in your premium seating areas

Capacities may be limited, but you can still generate sizable revenue from higher-paying customers like suite holders and guests. To make the experience better for your VIP customers, you can now allow suite holders to set digital open tabs for in-suite food and beverage service. This gives your suite groups an all-inclusive, hassle-free experience.

1) Suite holders can set an open tab spending limit in the premium suite pre-ordering portal, tied to their credit card. This is the maximum amount that the suite holder will cover in food and beverage requests by their guests:

Suite holder can set spending limit for a suite on FanFood

2) While at the suite, guests can use this open tab’s value as their payment method, deducting from the amount first assigned by the suite holder. Guests may also use their own credit card, if desired:

Guest suites can use open tab to order additional food and drinks

Spring reopening is almost here, and foodservice locations need to offer ordering options that facilitate safe, socially-distanced experiences in a budget-friendly way. Commission-free ordering with FanFood is the right platform for this job, and if you haven’t already, now is the perfect time to get in touch with our team.