Newport Beach, CA – The Western Association of Professional Baseball is pleased to announce their partnership with FanFood, an online and mobile ordering platform for in-venue food and beverage services. The Chicago-based company is the latest in the WAPB’s push to reimagine the way fans engage with their teams. 

From concession stands to on-premise restaurants, FanFood offers a user-friendly contactless mobile ordering solution that is built for convenience. With tailored sports specific solutions, the Western Association of Professional Baseball will utilize the application to increase sales, reduce costs, manage line congestion and promote social distancing, all while providing fans a VIP experience.

“FanFood is the latest in an ongoing effort to develop the ultimate fan-first atmosphere, while bringing our entire operation into the digital age” said Sander Stotland, long-time team operator and Executive Director of Front Row Hospitality, the WAPB’s Food and Beverage affiliate. “Partnering with the likes of From Now On and FanFood integrated seamlessly, is a testament to the overall vision of this league.”

Through significant planning, Front Row capitalizes on FanFood’s exceptional product quality with their partners seeing up to a 40% increase in average order sizes, anticipating that customers are likely to place more than one order throughout each event. “We’ve seen the pandemic rapidly and permanently changing consumers’ behaviors and mindset, and the new fan experience is defined by both safety and convenience,” said Jeff Nowak, Sales Director at FanFood.

“The WAPB and its affiliates are fantastic partners for us, bringing a wealth of industry expertise and we look forward to this ongoing relationship to revolutionize the game day experience.” In addition to the app’s ease of use, fans can expect significant conveniences, less wasted time standing in lines, greater delivery pace, and sincerely attentive customer service all while allowing fans to enjoy uninterrupted entertainment with family and friends.

About the WAPB

The Western Association of Professional Baseball Clubs (“WAPB”) is an independent association of professional baseball clubs, founded in 2018, and set to launch in 2022 as the nation’s only true independent league, separate from affiliation or partnership with Major League Baseball. The Western Association will showcase a 78-game regular season schedule featuring the best in available talent on the field, in competition for the Western Association Championship. With an adopted mission of “Changing the game, without changing THE GAME,” the WAPB and its members are set out to do things differently, while protecting the integrity of America’s Favorite Pastime.

About FanFood

FanFood is an online and mobile ordering platform for contactless services at sports, entertainment and hospitality venues. Fans can order food, beverages and merchandise on their phone for express pickup or delivery to a seat, table, car, or any designated on-premise location. We partner with 300+ locations globally to help streamline foodservice operations, support social distancing, and provide a convenient on-demand fan experience.

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