Why FanFood Is The Ultimate Ordering Platform For Your Foodservice Operation

Why FanFood Is The Ultimate Ordering Platform For Your Foodservice Operation   FanFood currently operates at 160+ facilities and businesses worldwide. You can find us at school concession stands, drive-in theaters, restaurants and food trucks, across arenas and pro stadiums in North America, and even at the largest mall in the world — the Dubai Mall in the UAE.   What makes FanFood’s platform so attractive to F&B operators of all kinds? How can one integrated platform meet the needs of different use cases and customers?   In this week’s blog, we show you exactly what features and functionalities make FanFood the ultimate online and mobile ordering platform for all.   You can skip the blog and request a free demo by filling out the form here.  

1. Reach profitability even before you open for business.

  You heard that right.    FanFood allows you to accept orders up to days before an event or whenever you decide to fulfill the orders. With this “order-ahead” function, you can better predict inventory, prepare orders beforehand, and fulfill them at a scheduled time via express pickup or delivery.   To do that, you can set up an “event” in the FanFood Manager Portal, where you stipulate the duration of the service and cutoff time for pre-orders:  
  Quick video on how to create an event in the Manager Portal.   Many FanFood partners have taken advantage of this feature and be able to break even or reach profitability from pre-orders alone. It also leads to faster service, better inventory management and higher customer satisfaction overall. Why FanFood Is The Ultimate Ordering Platform For Your Foodservice Operation


2. You decide the look of your in-app storefront.

  We understand that it’s important for our partners to preserve their unique branding and aesthetics. That’s why we give our partners lots of freedom to customize in-app images and messaging to maintain their customers’ relationship with the brand.   And it takes just 3 simple steps to make your FanFood storefront consistent with the look and feel of your facility or business. Why FanFood Is The Ultimate Ordering Platform For Your Foodservice Operation   FanFood’s in-house design team also provides design support to help partners have branded in-app images. Below are some examples of different creative treatments of how your in-app storefront could look: Why FanFood Is The Ultimate Ordering Platform For Your Foodservice Operation   In addition, you get to customize your online storefront URL as well! This is the link that directs people to your store in the FanFood web app to start placing orders. You’ll also receive a QR code for the link, so that your customers can simply scan the QR code with their phone camera and start ordering!   Some examples of our partners’ web app URL:   Auto Zone Park: https://fanfood.app/autozonepark Mendon Twin Drive-in: https://fanfood.app/mendontwindrivein Burlington Royals: https://fanfood.app/royals  


3. Receipt printer integration? No problem.

  Our ordering platform is designed to help your foodservice team reach maximum efficiency. Be it replacing manual order-taking and transaction with online / in-app ordering, or automatically alerting your customer when the food is ready so you don’t have to shout their names, we want you to focus on fulfillment alone and let us handle the rest.   That includes receipt printing. You can upgrade your FanFood kit with a receipt printer that will automatically print out order details when a mobile order is received. This helps you communicate orders with the kitchen, and you can also stick the receipt onto the bag to mark out which bag is for which customer.   You can check out our printer capabilities in this video:   

4. POS integration? We’ll handle that.

  One question we often get is if you already have a POS system, can FanFood integrate into it?   Why FanFood Is The Ultimate Ordering Platform For Your Foodservice Operation   Long answer: We believe today’s POS system is every customer’s phone in their pocket. The foodservice team shouldn’t be spending time taking card transactions and order details when such time and resources could be used on fulfilling orders and bringing in more revenue. However, we understand that adoption takes time and that most teams already have their existing workflow with a POS, and we don’t want to disrupt your workflow overnight and slow things down.   So short answer: Yes. We can integrate into your POS system so that you have an integrated single source of truth for all orders coming in, regardless of whether they come in on FanFood, or through your POS.    Because at the end of the day, we want to do everything we can to help you streamline your operations and generate more revenue.



5. The one single toolkit for all your foodservice needs.

  If you think FanFood is just an app, you’re missing out on a ton of potentials our platform carries. FanFood is more like an ecosystem with all the tools you need to take your entire operation cashless, contactless and frictionless.   The tools are also designed specifically for each role on your foodservice team. For managers and team leaders, you can create and edit stores, configure menus and most importantly, access important sales and customer data at the end of the day.    Why FanFood Is The Ultimate Ordering Platform For Your Foodservice Operation   For concessionnaires and volunteer/rotational staff, they can be assigned access to receive, track and fulfill orders with just three taps of a button.   For servers/runners/delivery staff, they can download the Runner/Server App for free and bring the orders to the customers based on task assignment and order details in the app. They can also receive in-app tips which are automatically distributed to their own accounts.   Curious to see how the Manager Portal works? Check out this video here. Click me