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Do I need WiFi access at my venue?

Reliable, high-speed WiFi is nice to have, but not required. You can purchase or lease tablets from us that come with pre-paid data plan. We do the work on our end to make sure you have the best cellular service provider for your venue.

Although, having WiFi at your venue means your fans can explore your menus and order at a faster speed from their phones!

How much does FanFood cost?

We’re all about helping businesses succeed. That’s why we offer flexible business models to fit your budget — and in many cases, it’s basically free for oeprators to use!

Generally speaking, there are two options:

1. Monthly platform fee + a small convenience fee charged to the customers

2. No monthly platform fee + 12.5% convenience fee charged to the customers

For more details, please view our pricing page or get in touch with our team. We are open to being flexible and work out the best pricing plan for what fits your operations.

How do I set up my menus on FanFood?

It’s super easy. You provide us with the menus, and we will handle all venue and menu setup in the onboarding process. If you want to edit menu items, change item availability, or adjust pricing on the fly, we will show you how easy it is to do so in the Manager Portal.

Can I add or remove menu items and categories as I please?

Yes! The Manager Portal gives you total control over how your menu appears in the FanFood app.

You can even update your menu in real time! For example, you can remove an item that’s sold out so it no longer appears in the app. You can even customize your menu by adding merchandise!

Can I change the pricing of the items?

Absolutely! We’ll help you set up your menus and prices during onboarding. However, you have the freedom to adjust the pricing at any time on the Manager Portal.

You can even change the prices during an event. For example, if you want to offer special promotions of a certain item at a game, you can instantly change the price of that particular item and notify your customers of the price drop via an in-app push notification.

Do my customers need to download the app to place an order?

Nope. There are 3 ways for someone to order on FanFood:

1. By scanning a QR code with their phone that directs them to your FanFood store in their web browser. The QR code will be given to you during onboarding.

2. By entering a short URL link in their web browser to start an order (e.g. fanfood.app/yourlocationname). We’ll provide the short link during onboarding.

3. By downloading the FanFood app, searching your location name to start an order.

You can also integrate FanFood into your venue app or team app for a one-stop shop experience for your customers!

Can I only use FanFood at a single location or stand?

No. Throughout the duration of your licensing agreement, you’ll be able to set up a pickup location anywhere within the venue.

Can I set up multiple pickup windows for simultaneous events at the same venue?

Yes. You can easily add FanFood stores in the Manager Portal, and indicate the different pickup points to the app users. 

Can I set up specific menus for my different stores?

Yes! Each store can have its own customizable menu.

You can even have different stores offering different services, such as pickup vs. delivery, or the ability to schedule an order ahead of time.

Can FanFood be used for more than concessions, or food and drinks?

Absolutely. Think of FanFood as your digital storefront where you can sell anything you want. Be it food, drinks, merchandise or even donation options. We also have age verification feature built in the app for alcohol sale. 

Our team will work with you to set up your stores and menus.

Can people pay for mobile orders with cash at the counter?

No. People can only pay via credit card, Google Pay or Apple Pay on their phone when they order on FanFood. We’re doing our very best to bring fast, easy and secure cashless experience to your venue or facility!

How do I receive the revenue I made on the FanFood platform?

There’re two ways for you to receive revenue made on the FanFood platform:

1. ACH direct deposit

2. Remittance in the form of a check

You will be able to indicate your preference during the onboarding process.

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